Wednesday, April 22, 2009


ni...ada seket info yang ingin ku share....ada kawan ku dia dapat stok perfume2 branded2,berjenama and original.confirm ori uols.dia jual murah giler.....araganya dalam (rm110-rm120)..tak lebih....

macam-macam jenama yang ada....


1. issey miyaki
2. flower kenzo
3. gucci
4. blueberry the beat
5. escada p.paradise
6. coco chance
7. coco madame isle
8. coco pink
9. dunhill men
10. tommy hilfiger dreaming
11. clinique happy for men
12. clinique happy heart for women
13. hugo gray (men)
14. dkny apple red
15. nina ricci
16. polo explorer
17. ralph lauren blue
18. polo ralph lauren
19. tommy girl
20. tomxy 10 men
21. paris hilton cancan
22. paris hilton just me
23. live lux j.lo
24.estee lauder exotic
25. estee lauder pleasure delight
26. new-manifique lancome

original pnye product but ni yg reject pnye stok la...bkn reject pe pon....cume packaging die mmg original pnye barang..perfume ni sume yg 100ml pnye...klu nk, email or sms me which one do u want and i'll check 4 u whether the stok is available or not....thanks....

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